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Creating Community Through Cooking
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The Stone Soup Project

May through October 2012 -- All over Greater Louisville!

(Next event: June 30th. See panel to the right for more details.)


What is The Stone Soup Project?

"The Stone Soup Project" was created out of the awareness that the mission of "Stone Soup" can easily be broader than just the Stone Soup Community Kitchen dinners that have been around for several years.

Stone Soup Community Kitchen dinners
Stone Soup Community Kitchen dinners are held about once a month --when local farmers have produce (mostly in the spring, summer and fall). Those who gather at these Stone Soup suppers will work together to fix a meal that everybody shares. We try to use foods grown in the greater local area. Much of the food is gleaned from nearby farmers markets where the farmers donate their food so as to encourage cooking demonstrations of their foods everywhere. The dinners are FREE, but everybody who comes with the expectation to help fix the gleaned food and clean up after the meal. Donations are gratefully accepted. Even people who don’t know how to cook can help – we’ll all learn together. The Stone Soup dinners are held at different places around the city. That makes it easier for people from several parts of town to experience this event. We usually ask people to arrive and start to fix the food at 4pm--food is ready to eat around 6pm. Please check dates and exact times of the Stone Soup events at the bottom of this page when it becomes available.

The Big Picture

The meals are always tasty and memorable. The meals are absolutely open to the public.

Stone Soup's goal is to create a supportive, inclusive community where everyone learns to cook with fresh, healthy food from a flourishing market of sustainable local farms. Much of the food comes from area farmers' markets and local gardens collected on the day of the event. Please plan to arrive promptly at 4:00 pm and stay until the end. This is a full cooking experience from prep to clean up. Please RSVP (by the day before) to 502 299 9520 (cell )or email info@stonesoupky.org.

Other Stone Soup events
Using gleaned Farmers Market foods, a great amount of awareness in the community can be achieved. By finding a nearby kitchen, the gleaned produce is prepared/cooked. Then sometime in the near future, a location is found where a crowd of people will be mingling--and a table is set up to give out free samples of the cooked dish as well as a free sample of the produce while supplies last. Literature about Stone Soup dinners, about Farmers Markets in general and about Community Farm Alliance are available for people to learn more. A sign up sheet is also available for people to be provided reminders about upcoming events.

Working with a local church, a meal can be prepared for immediately after the last service. Parishioners can then enjoy a free meal. Church organizers and cooks are also encouraged to help prepare the foods. Again, information about Stone Soup, CFA and Farmers Markets will be not only available through literature, but possibly during announcements during the worship service. Do you know a church that's interested?

The experimental nature of these events make for interesting events. As more ideas come to mind that promote Farmers Market foods and cooking healthy meals, in general, the flavor of The Stone Soup Project may get as varied as the types of food you can pick up on a trip to the Farmers Market in July. Got an idea? We want to hear about it.

Let us know by contacting info@stonesoup.org or call 502 299 9520.



Why does Stone Soup use mostly foods that are from the Louisville regional area?

-- Food grown nearby is usually fresher than food shipped from far away
-- Locally grown food often tastes better than food grown far away
-- We help our local economy and not big farms in far away states

Why should you come to a Stone Soup dinner?

--You can find out how to fix healthy, great-tasting food
--You can learn new ways to use locally grown fruits and vegetables
--Both vegetarian and (when available) meat dishes are served
--Stone Soup dinners are fun for the whole family
--Each dinner includes activities for children
--You can learn ways to eat healthy foods on a budget

There will always be quick reading of the Stone Soup fable picture book for the kids prior to the meal. Adults can listen, too! Check out the Medieval fable:

The Fable of Stone Soup

Stone Soup is sponsored by:


Consider attending a local farmer's market in the morning, and attending a Stone Soup Project event in the afternoon. Find a farmer's market here:


and here


The Stone Soup Project: Who says that sweating over a hot stove in the middle of summer can't be hilarious! Join the fun new movement and keep the stone rolling...


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Mark your calendars for all these upcoming dates.


Family Scholar House
June 30th
4pm - 7pm
403 Reg Smith Circle
(5th and Lee Streets)
Louisville, KY 40208

When you arrive as a volunteer for this event, just park on the street near the intersection of 5th and Lee Streets and walk in (Look for the signs and banners). Stone Soup volunteers, new or experienced, are welcome...Just come and watch or maybe help slice a carrot or two. Maybe help in the demonstration of food purchasing/making techniques. Visit with anyone who wants to talk about healthy, local food. We will have activities for children . . . things like coloring, sampling healthy after school snacks, etc. Not only will there be fresh veggies on hand to dig into, but also prepared foods will be provided and discussed (and eaten!)... How about: Cold pasta summer salad! Traditional salads with a twist and a spin! Several choices of veggie dips like you've never seen or tried before--that are almost as hard to pronounce as they are yummy! A dessert of peach crisp will wrap things up. Let's get the kids involved...and seniors too. The Family Scholar House, by allowing this event, is showing its investment in its residents--especially in the area of practical and conceptual means to restore healthy eating back into the diet of our ambitious youth. In short, we'll be showing and practicing "scholarly and delectable" feasting.

You may have an idea for a venue in your neighborhood--we want to get everyone in on the act. Stone Soup is from everyone, for everyone. Imagine!

Still have questions? Call 502 299 9520 or email to info@stonesoupky.org

Hope to see you there and then!

Look for other upcoming events this summer. Either at our website http://stonesoupky.org or our Facebook page

You may have an idea for a venue in your neighborhood--we want to get everyone in on the act. Stone Soup is from everyone, for everyone. Imagine!


October 8th--In concert with Twice Touched Ministries at St. Matthews United Methodist Church; 10am-3pm
While there are a plethora of other activities going on at this well-attended event, the Stone Soup Project will initiate an initiative that will include food demonstrations for attendees throughout the event, along with sampling of the freshly made victuals. Come and help out in our newest endeavor. We will learn a few things, and bless a few people along the way. We will be distributing soup samples and tallying questionnaires. We could use your help. The address: 319 Browns Lane, Louisville, KY See you there!

October 29th--Planning Retreat on the East End.

You will want to be part of this planning retreat, please contact us.

Sunday June 19th--Reggae Fest in Cherokee Park
This event consisted of serving prepared Farmers Market food at the 2011 Reggae Fest in Cherokee Park (Hogan's Fountain) and educating people about the virtues and good taste of local organic food...and announcing future events.

July16th--Family Scholar House near U of L
Lots of a wide variety of fresh produce was gleaned and prepared in a meager kitchen; it was a bee hive! The dishes created were truly creative and yummy. It is amazing to see the raw veggies turn into such concoctions. Can't help but learn a ton--and walk away resolved to be the "iron chef" in one's own kitchen with a big grin for the memories shared. Stone Soup actively participated in an active and ongoing ministry to people in need and who want to make their mark on the planet for the better. Everybody won! Pictures are posted.

July 14-15 Governor's Scholars learn the Stone Soup ropes course.
Friendly and helpful chef Hank Levitt showed the high schoolers from across the state the kitchen, the garden, and the how-to's of making creations from a variety of fresh produce. Look for links to essays from the kids who were obviously inspired. We hope they bring the vision of Stone Soup to all 120 counties in KY!

August 20th--United Crescent Hill Ministries Community Center in Clifton
As expected, the food was plentiful, the location was superb, and the volunteers were eager to learn and help in all ways. This leads to the conclusion that this type of event is possibly intuitively and instinctively attractive. This venue is to be considered "Old Faithful"! I hear there are pictures on facebook, with more coming; stay tuned.

September 17th--Portland Promise Center in Portland
While there were a plethora of other activities going on at this well-attended event, the Stone Soup Project initiated an new venture that included food demonstrations for attendees throughout the event, along with sampling of the freshly made victuals. There was also a few ballads sang by Nate Pederson. We learned a few things, and blessed a few people along the way. The address was 1831 Baird Street, Louisville, KY US 40203 I think we should do this next year!

STONE SOUP WAS ON KET TELEVISION in 2010! Click here to see it as an archive file--Go 22 minutes into the show to see the Stone Soup chaos in action!

The farmers have been hard at work in the fields in ways that we can only imagine. We are privileged that they want to share their bounty with us. We wish them good and speedy success, just as we wish healthy, tasty food to our city citizenry. Price of gas will make this food more and more affordable since most of the store bought food travels 1500 miles to get to the produce section of the supermarket. See the change right before your eyes. Be the change. The farmers will thank you, and your body will thank you.

Do you want to be part of the leadership of this non-profit project? We can incorporate you, your ambitions and your skills. Try us out!



October 16th event was located at the huge kitchen by the back door of the New Heights Baptist Church, 7315 Southside Dr Louisville, KY 40214. Garden tours were rampant. Food was overwhelmingly abundant. There were several ethnic dishes with flavors not known to all...Lots of pictures taken. Look for future links to video and pictures.

September was at Family Scholar House, and there were kids galore, and eager U of L college moms entranced at the spectacle. Much learning and inspiration went on. See the magic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3SfqiHP_Gc

August was at United Crescent Hill Ministries. Many people and many cameras flashing--KET was there --and plan to show the event in mid-October. Stay tuned for announcements of show times!

July was at First United Universalists downtown. There are many great photos of this event to show sometime soon. Tons of food; awesome!

June 2010's Stone Soup Kitchen Event at the Presbyterian Community Center and July's jaunt over to First UU church downtown were really fun and the environs were awesome and conspicuously unique. Big thanks to the Facility Admins! Of course, August was a huge hit--with KET filming and everything.

May 2010's event at Portland Community Center was a blast with many features that were most memorable.

Do you want to be on the Coordination and Leadership Team email list, with special instructions and reminders? We are happy to be the recipient of a multi-thousand dollar grant from the City of Louisville, and anticipate expanding the quality, quantity, and scope of our Stone Soup meals. (Why not!?) Answers to all general questions can be found by contacting Nate at 502 299 9520 or nate@metageny.com

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PAST YEAR'S SCHEDULE: Dates and Locations for the 2009 Season

June 6, 2009, 4pm: Affordable Meals with Fresh, local food, Fb3 Food Development Kitchen, 624 E. Market St. (FB3 is next to Muth Candy Shop.)

June 18, 2009, 6pm: Affordable Meals with Fresh, local food Wheatley Elementary, in conjunction with "Making Connections Louisville" (1107 S. 17th Street)

July 18, 2009, 4pm: Americana Community Center. 4801 Southside Dr, Louisville, KY 40214 (502) 366-7813

August 8, 2009, 2pm: Canning and Food Preservation. Fb3 Food Development Kitchen, 624 E. Market St. (FB3 is next to Muth Candy Shop.)

September 19, 2009, 2pm: Victory park farmers market, open air kitchen

October 3, 2009, 4pm: Winter Soups, Fb3 Development Kitchen

November 7, 2009, 4pm: Americana Community Center

Please RSVP to attend each event. To RSVP or for more information contact: Nate Pederson (nate@metageny.com )


Common Meal

Please plan to arrive promptly at the start time and stay until the end. This is a full cooking experience, from prep to clean up!


Stone Soup is a program of the 501(c)3 organization, Community Farm Alliance.




The Stone Soup Project


To RSVP or for more information contact: 5022999520 or info@stonesoupky.org